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For the kids



Most children love ponies and are quite happy around them, but some are nervous. It's not surprising really when very often the pony is the taller of the two and can be quite intimidating.


In my experience children can be pushed too quickly when they are not ready. (This was certainly the experience of my own son - he was made to walk, trot and canter in every lesson and because he felt out of control he very quickly gave up.) Here, at the centre, there is no pressure and each child is allowed to go along at whatever pace suits them.


We focus on 'playing' with the ponies on the ground. Grooming, learning how to lead, teaching the ponies tricks, lungeing and long-reining; and also learning about what makes a pony 'tick' and why a pony looks like he does.


Sometimes too much emphasis is placed on riding - that riding a pony is the only thing you can do with him. While it is undeniably fun to ride, playing with ponies on the ground is also fun and when complete confidence is found, that confidence can then be transfered to riding.


Sessions are taylor made to suit the individual child and his/her needs.