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Pony Magic

All our ponies at ponymagic are well-trained, quiet and friendly. They all have a story to tell, but during the time I have had them they have become calm, confident and trusting. The smallest, Dotty, is a mini-shetland and the largest, Cheyenne is 15hh - so the choice is yours!

They are all used to working with people who are nervous and will stand quietly to be groomed while you gain your confidence. Once you feel happy with doing that you can move on to a variety of different activities with them, including lungeing, long-reining, leading them through a series of obstacles, or teaching them a trick or two. 

Or you could try some 'join-up' where they will follow you wherever you want to go. 


Besides gaining in confidence there are several other areas that can be rewarding and beneficial:

  • increase in physical co-ordination  - to lead a pony round a series of obstacles may seem easy but it requires a certain amount of co-ordinated movement so as not to end up in a muddle!
  • increase in emotional awareness - ponies are very in tune emotionally with each other and are astonishingly adept at helping us become more aware of how we are feeling.
  • increase in focus and concentration - ponies, like humans, can become easily distracted and if we are not focussed on what we are doing they will soon become figdety!
  • increase in communcation skills - humans are good at complicating communication: pones need clear, simple and direct communication if we want them to do certain things.
  • increase in 'leadership skills' - you can only work with a pony as a team - you cannot force him to do your bidding as he will rebel!