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Magikal Rambles


When walking we become engaged with the larger world. Nothing brings home the beauty and power of the world we live in like walking, and when we slow our tempo down to match the natural world's we can find ourselves dazzled and moved. As we stretch our legs, we stretch our minds and souls. It is while walking the best ideas can come to us; it is while walking difficult clarity can emerge; it is while walking we can experience a sense of well-being and connection, and can find perspective and comfort. Walking can move us past the 'what' of our life in to the more elusive 'why'. We live as we move, a step at a time, and there is something in gentle walking that can remind us of how we must live if we are to savour the life that we have been given.


Walking with a pony is even better! A companion who will listen without judgement; a companion who doesn't mind our silences if we want to be silent. A companion who, because of their curious natures (they have to be watching everything!), will point out nature's beauty along the way. They keep us in the here and now, there is no room for past and future in the pony's world.