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Meet The Team



Jodi Canti

I was born in London, studied a foundation course in fine art and went on to gain my degree. I then taught in different schools and made and sold handmade pots.

In 1979 I moved to Somerset to raise my son and fulfill a lifelong passion for horses. For many years I bred and trained them. During this time I encountered many horses with physical and mental/emotional difficulties and the desire to know why and how this came about led to training in Reiki and Radionics.

I have been running a successful radionics practice 15 years.

My greatest enjoyment comes from helping traumatised horses to re-gain their confidence in themselves (and humans) and in so doing they have been my teachers.


My team of trusty ponies:

Dotty - is a mini shetland who's owner abandoned her because she has sweet-itch. Most of the time she's a very placid little mare, but like a lot of shetlands she has a mind of her own and like many small people she has a large character!

Patience - originally came on loan, adores children and loves life.

Wyll - a Welsh Section A pony rescued from the sales in Wales. He was severly thin and took about 6 months before he could be touched without flinching. Very friendly now and enjoys being made a fuss of.

Suzi - is a Welsh section C x. She is very patient and very happy to be messed about with all day.

Molly - is a Dartmoor x Appaloosa. I bought her as a five month old foal, who had already been to one home. Bomb-proof and solid (in both mind and body!) but can sometimes be a challenge as she can get bored easily and will wander off to eat grass if you let her!

Alice - was also rescued from the sales in such an emaciated state I thought she wouldn't see the first winter out. But she is still with us, minus her top front teeth! Still quite nervous of people but getting there with food. Very god for keeping us slow and calm - move too quickly and she'll be off!

Rose - is a home-bred Arab. Very placid and easy-going, she is not your typical fiery red-head!

Jafah - Rose's full brother who came back to me in a very depressed state because his previous owner hated him and was going to have him shot. He can occasionally still be a bit grumpy, but wouldn't hurt a fly.

Angel -is a thoroughbred x native. I bought her about five years ago to ride, but discovered that she was so traumatised her answer to anything that worried her (which was nearly everything!) was to bolt. Gradually over time she has gained her confidence but is still prone to the occasional panic attack, so is not ridden, but brilliant to work with on the ground. 

Cheyenne - is another rescue from the sales. She was covered in severe rain scald with one shoulder red raw. Her legs had various wounds, gashes, lumps and bumps. Couldn't catch her for 6 months and, because she had a phobia about men and having her feet picked up, it took two years before she was happy having them trimmed. Very calm now having gained her confidence in people.

You can see us all on the 'gallery' page.